Vegan With A Vengeance: Gingerbread Apple Pie


So…  After moving to Upstate / Central New York, I realized just how many apples one can get in autumn.  So many that I had trouble finishing the apples before they would go bad.  I needed to do something, something that could use up a large amount of apples.  Hence the apple pie.


It’s easy, it’s delicious, it’s almost addicting!  And it’s a good way to use up all the apples I just had to buy.  I don’t recommend anyone using margarine, it’s not the healthiest oil, try using coconut oil instead.  Also, try using olive oil instead of canola oil.

Again, this recipe is from a very well-known cookbook that has been around for a long time, a lot of people made this recipe, and some looks very pretty!

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Spaghetti Squash Lasagna Bake


My recommendation for this recipe (from the Minimalist Baker) is that you really need to plan out what you need to do before you do it so you can save time.  Wonderful recipe!  Delicious, too!

So I used the vegan Parmesan (remember to read the label really carefully because there is one that is not vegan but looks similar) from Go Veggie!, and what amazed and impressed my colleagues and friends was that they didn’t know it was vegan!  The cheese really tastes like vegan!  However, I do try to steer away from processed food, only during special occasions I would use it now.

I modified the recipe a little.  I made my own marinara sauce from scratch, I added mushroom, and also no garlic or onion.

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The Vegan Table: Marvelous Mushroom Risotto


I have made this recipe before a couple different times.  Why?  Easy and delicious, of course!


This was for a little gathering with my new colleagues, so I dressed it up a bit.


No need to tell you how delicious it was…  Are you enticed yet?

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The Vegan Table: Noodle Kugel


May I just say, “DELECTABLE?”  Not too sweet, not too oily, mild but perfect for a nice, cold winter day (if you wish to do it in the summer, go for it, that’s what The Vegan Table suggests).


It takes some time just because the noodles have to cooked.  Also since I used Bionaturae’s rombi pasta instead of egg noodles, it took a little more time to cook.  Also I was determined to make thinly sliced apple instead of apple sauce, so that took some time.  Other than that, everything turned out fine and delicious!

Although some have tried, not many bloggers have shared much beyond maybe just a modified recipe.  So if you like what you see, please do try!  I highly recommend it!

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Vegan With A Vengeance: Falafel


My first time making falafel!  I think they turned out quite well!  More delicious if you can make that sauce to go with them!


I again just skipped the onion and garlic bit, but really, cumin and parsley were enough.

Since this is from a really well-known and well-received cookbook, needless to say, a lot of people have tried this recipe and shared their experience!  Here are some people who have tried and shared their posts on their version of this amazing falafel:

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The Vegan Table: “Blackberry” Pecan Crisp


It was very good!  I swapped the blackberries for blue berries because that was what I had available to me (and blackberries have a lot of seeds that might be stuck in between my teeth).

However, I couldn’t really find other blogs that have posts trying this recipe…  Oh, well!  Take my word, it’s good!


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Pappa Col Pomodoro


One of my favorite Tuscan recipes…  If I followed it close enough!  Pappa (meaning mush) col pomodoro is vegan (and according to my colleague in Potenza, like food for babies) on its own!


I prepared the bread ahead of time because the next day I had to work and make the “mush” before going to a dinner party.

Surprisingly few ingredients (bread, olive oil, basil, and tomatoes, seasoned only with pepper and salt).


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