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The Vegan Table: Beet Bundt Cake

Obviously, I was trying to disguise how poorly the cake turned out, though easy to make.  But this cake gave me some ideas!  If I can just puree the beet fine enough, I could tweak the cake to become like … Continue reading

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Vegan With A Vengeance: Gingerbread Apple Pie

So…  After moving to Upstate / Central New York, I realized just how many apples one can get in autumn.  So many that I had trouble finishing the apples before they would go bad.  I needed to do something, something … Continue reading

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Vegan With A Vengeance: Falafel

My first time making falafel!  I think they turned out quite well!  More delicious if you can make that sauce to go with them! I again just skipped the onion and garlic bit, but really, cumin and parsley were enough. … Continue reading

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The Vegan Table: “Blackberry” Pecan Crisp

It was very good!  I swapped the blackberries for blue berries because that was what I had available to me (and blackberries have a lot of seeds that might be stuck in between my teeth). However, I couldn’t really find … Continue reading

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The Vegan Table: Potato And Seed Spread

Like the Boston baked beans from the earlier post, I had no idea how this would turn out to be like.  And mine turned out to be quite tough and indicated nothing relevant to “spread” and “stuffing”. Not a lot … Continue reading

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The Vegan Table: Cornmeal Crusted Tempeh With Orange Ginger Sauce

Yummy!  This definitely takes some effort to prepare.  But the result is very satisfying! I used whole wheat flour, and it turned out fine.  It also added some texture and color to the tempeh, certainly a plus!  I replaced the … Continue reading

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Vanilla And Lemon Tea Cookies

My sister is allergic to lavender.  It gives her the itches.  So I modified the recipe from the lavender tea cookies. Whenever there is a recipe calling for only a part of lemon, like lemon zest or lemon juice, store … Continue reading

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