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Vegan With A Vengeance: Gingerbread Apple Pie

So…  After moving to Upstate / Central New York, I realized just how many apples one can get in autumn.  So many that I had trouble finishing the apples before they would go bad.  I needed to do something, something … Continue reading

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The Vegan Table: Noodle Kugel

May I just say, “DELECTABLE?”  Not too sweet, not too oily, mild but perfect for a nice, cold winter day (if you wish to do it in the summer, go for it, that’s what The Vegan Table suggests). It takes … Continue reading

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The Vegan Table: Delightful Date Truffles

Loved them!  They were full of spices!  The white ones were rolled in powdered sugar while the dark ones were rolled in cocoa powder.  My friends enjoyed them, my family loved them, and I also think they were very yummy!  Very … Continue reading

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Vegan With A Vengeance: The Best Pumpkin Muffins

This was REALLY an excellent recipe for muffins!  I made the muffins this past Halloween, I have just been a little busy to update the blog.  However, they were moist, fluffy, and scrumptious.  Moreover, I used the pumpkin leftover from … Continue reading

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The Vegan Table: African Sweet Potato and Peanut Stew

My first autumn recipe this year!  Finally worked through the summer ones!  It feels like fall already with the relatively chill weather and already shorter days. I guess I am not really good at African recipes.  I have not tasted … Continue reading

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The Hope Blog Relay (And Some More Food)

Christie from Turning Veganese passed on the Hope baton to me two weeks ago.  I have been stalling because I wanted to make the best of it.  Even though the Hope Blog Relay ended on August 13th, I am honored to … Continue reading

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The Vegan Table: “Peach” And Pecan Muffins

I have been planning to make these for a while, but I haven’t found the time.  They are delicious though!  Very easy, too! I followed the recipe with some exceptions…  We ran out of peaches so I used nectarines.  I did … Continue reading

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