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The Vegan Table: Eggless Egg Salad

This is really good.  Take my word.  Really, really good. I thought it was a very easy recipe.  Well, it really did seem like it would be easy to prepare.  So there I was, chopping the vegetables away, chopping them … Continue reading

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The Vegan Table: Split Pea Soup

Another recipe down!  This is a slow cooking recipe, put everything in there and just wait! There’s nothing special looking at the picture of the split pea soup because it will always be a green mush.  Like always, I replaced … Continue reading

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The Vegan Table: Roasted Asparagus Soup With Thyme

I just wanted to try this out, I didn’t know how this would turn out.  It turned out fine!  And I liked the asparagus on the side.  I think without the asparagus, it’d probably be hard to tell that it’s … Continue reading

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The Vegan Table: Sweet and Spicy Pumpkin Soup

I wanted to finish off the autumn recipes for now.  And I thought Thanksgiving is just the perfect time to finish the autumn recipes, since I have a little time on my hands and a little more people to share … Continue reading

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