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The Vegan Table: Creamy Caesar Salad with Oil-Free Croutons

Finally, I am starting to catch up again with the recipes…  This is an autumn salad, but I went to the farmers market and I saw the romaine, so I just did what any sane person would do, get that … Continue reading

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The Vegan Table: Dipping Sauce & Tempeh Bacon

Today I guess I had a light dinner.  Strange but I enjoyed it.  My friend helped me make dinner, I didn’t really think whatever we were making was going to be the whole dinner, but it did. Yep.  Weird combination. … Continue reading

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The Vegan Table: Swiss Chard (And Caramelized Onions)

You know I don’t eat any onion or garlic, so I have been thinking of a way to make this recipe…  And I decided to make it with tofu and toona instead. So instead of onions, I put a box … Continue reading

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