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Vegan With A Vengeance: Gingerbread Apple Pie

So…  After moving to Upstate / Central New York, I realized just how many apples one can get in autumn.  So many that I had trouble finishing the apples before they would go bad.  I needed to do something, something … Continue reading

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The Vegan Table: “Blackberry” Pecan Crisp

It was very good!  I swapped the blackberries for blue berries because that was what I had available to me (and blackberries have a lot of seeds that might be stuck in between my teeth). However, I couldn’t really find … Continue reading

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The Vegan Table: Chocolate Cake with Coffee Ganache

YUMMMMMMM…  This was so good…  Why did I make something containing coffee so close to the time I need to go to bed?!  Now I must get up early to finish this cake! If you like chocolate cake, this is … Continue reading

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The Vegan Table: Flourless Chocolate Tart

This was a very simple recipe, with delicious result! I added a little touch of the cherry on top.  Other than that, walnuts were nowhere to be found in Trader Joe’s, so I used roasted almonds instead. The recipe says … Continue reading

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The Vegan Table: Golden Corn Pancakes

So I started trying out this autumn recipe, and it turned out really good! The only thing I’d advise is to put less salt, that’s all.  It’s really easy to make, quick, too, so if you don’t have much time … Continue reading

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The Hope Blog Relay (And Some More Food)

Christie from Turning Veganese passed on the Hope baton to me two weeks ago.  I have been stalling because I wanted to make the best of it.  Even though the Hope Blog Relay ended on August 13th, I am honored to … Continue reading

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The Vegan Table: Pan-Fried Asparagus With Lime Juice & Thai Curry With Veggie

I went to Portos with my friends on Saturday before going to LA County Museum of Arts (LACMA), and I was very impressed with the mango vinaigrette they had on the House Salad, so I was determined to make it… … Continue reading

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