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European Countries And What Makes And Doesn’t Make Any Sense

Before I begin, I have to mention, sono filo-italiana, so I am a little biased regarding the following… What doesn’t make any sense: The French (Parisians to be more exact) asking the tourists to speak French, and even acting non-friendly … Continue reading

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Pro-Choice Or Pro-Life

I had an interesting talk with my labmates this morning. One of the said that it is people’s choice.  The other one said abortion is wrong, and we can stop people from having abortion.  The example he used was if … Continue reading

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The Survival Of Libraries Libraries now are increasingly pushing for digital contents, such as Kindle books.  We are also pushing for digital books, magazines, and newspapers.  That is why libraries are having such a hard time. We not only demand better collections, better … Continue reading

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Miscellaneous: Superman, Iron Man, and Poppy Seeds

First off, Superman. Don’t people know that Superman is hazardous to your health?  He uses X-ray vision to see through things, and you know when X-ray is used in the room, you should not be in the same room.  Another … Continue reading

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voter’s info

Whatcha reading?   oh, nothing much, just some propositions for the next election…   for the people who dont really want to read what the props are about, heres a clue:   prop 1A–vote YES if you think tax money from … Continue reading

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