Dining At Il Panino Tondo

11 years ago, I went to Italy for a summer with a program that was a language-intensive program…  Meaning I went to class from morning till late, Italian, all, the, time.

This time when I returned, I knew that since then, Italy has become more vegan-friendly.  They even use the word “vegan” now.  I searched before leaving for a place to eat on the day I arrived to Firenze (Florence) on iomangioveg.it (the Italian Happy Cow equivalent) and found this Il Panino Tondo (the round sandwich).

Il Panino Tondo

It was raining the day I arrived.  I dropped off my luggage at the stazione di treno, Firenze Santa Maria Novella, where there is a place you can pay to leave your luggage at platform 16 (binario 16).  It was a relief to finally drop them off…  As I was sleep-derived, hungry, and it was raining.  I was generally stanchissima.  Il Panino Tondo is only walking distance away from the station, so it was easy, and I was craving for some reward.

Il Panino Tondo

I was speaking Italian all the time and since I haven’t spoken it for 11 years, I was a little (actually a lot) off my game.  However, no worries!  At this place, when I didn’t catch a question for drinks due to my lack of sleep, they were not scornful nor impatient, instead someone just spoke English to make sure I understand.  They took a chance, and they were right I spoke English.  I guess Firenze has seen so many tourists that they are sort of used to it.  It was definitely better than 11 years ago.

Il Panino Tondo

This place is not just for vegans, so please ask for what is vegan (they pronounce it like veh-gahn) on the menu.

Il Panino Tondo

If you live in the city, they also deliver!  You can order online.

Il Panino Tondo

I…  was not able to resist taking a bit before taking a picture.  Give me a break, I was very tired and hungry.

Il Panino Tondo

Also, most of the things in Italy DO NOT use garlic or onion, to my delight.  I didn’t have to ask for no onions or no garlic in my pizza, in my soup, in my spaghetti, in my salad…  It was wonderful.  And the garlic and onion stereotype for Italian food is completely wrong.

Check it out…!
via Montebello 56/r
50123 Firenze


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Vegan, without onion, garlic, leek, coriander/cilantro, hing (asafoetida), scallion, green onion, chives
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