The Vegan Table: Tempeh Pate

This requires only a little time to prepare, and it was quite delectable, but the order of ingredients in the blender was very important for me.

Tempeh Pate

I steamed the tempeh, and that was fine.  I made my own vegan mayonnaise using soy milk, vinegar, and coconut oil, and that was fine.  What I should have done was put the soy sauce and herbs (basil and Chinese mahogany in this case) in before adding the tempeh, one cube at a time.  Since I used a tall Vitamix, it seemed to have a hard time blending the portion in the recipe if you put the tempeh all in with the herb and soy sauce.

This can be used in sandwiches, in lieu of hummus, in salad, as a dipping sauce, in your wraps, or you can use it to create a vegan “deviled”…  Something, since Halloween is almost here.

But let me tell you about what I appreciated the most about the tempeh.  I used to get it in the Asian market, and it was organic, which was great!  But it was not “Tofurky’s”!  Today I discovered that Tofurky stuck its name on it!  🙂  I am happy because I like this tempeh, and I am happy that Tofurky is either buying the small company or decided to advertise the parent company or something, either way, more exposure to Tofurky and potentially more people will get to know tempeh!

Tofurky Indonesian Style Tempeh

There are only a few people who blogged about this, but positive review nonetheless!


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3 Responses to The Vegan Table: Tempeh Pate

  1. elle says:

    What an interesting way of using tempeh!

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