The Aquafaba Experiment

If you have been following the vegan trend closely, you would know that there is a wave of a new egg substitute taking over the vegan world…  Its name is–Aquafaba.

In my spare time (actually, I was making hummus for a couple of the recipes from The Vegan Table, stay in tune for those), I wanted to try making the vegan meringue.  So I saved the aquafaba and stored it in the refrigerator.  Then I took it out during the weekend and then I started whipping it with a electronic mixer.

Mixing aquafaba

…  But it was not very stiff.  Even well after 15 minutes of mixing.

So, I decided to turn it into…  Brownies ( and genoise (

My brownies were very gooey and I can’t seem to separate them very easily after cutting them up, I like the thin crispy top that I have not seen for a long time since my switch to a vegan diet:





Then here’s the genoise…  A bit on the hard side, I added the vanilla taste to it, its texture is between a lady’s finger and a biscuit, its top is shiny:


My overall impression about this meringue experiment is that:

  1. If this is the first time using aquafaba, make sure you have a backup exit plan, i.e., my brownie and genoise
  2. Before starting making the meringue, make sure you have a very thick aquafaba to start with, and also the right mixer

But I am generally impressed by the way aquafaba:

  1. Mixed with sugar, felt like marshmallow melted even if the mixture will not be stiff
  2. Retained tiny bubbles in the mixture for a long time after mixing in the sugar, and thus made little egg-like bubbles inside the cake and the brownie

So there you have it.  Some useful site that will help you get started are listed below:

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Vegan, without onion, garlic, leek, coriander/cilantro, hing (asafoetida), scallion, green onion, chives
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One Response to The Aquafaba Experiment

  1. brugesvegan says:

    haha, I tried the meringues and they turned out OK 🙂
    I think it may also have to do with the brand of chickpeas or if you cook them yourself.

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