The Vegan Table: Flourless Chocolate Tart

This was a very simple recipe, with delicious result!

The Vegan Table: Flourless Chocolate Tart

I added a little touch of the cherry on top.  Other than that, walnuts were nowhere to be found in Trader Joe’s, so I used roasted almonds instead.

The recipe says to simmer the chocolate filling for 10 minutes, but I think that after 5 minutes, as long as it is smooth, it is enough.  I turned mine off at 8 minutes, but I think mine went a little too long.

I could use a little help using spatula to even everything out on the top, but I was really tired.  Also a little WARNING is that you should keep it in the refrigerator until when you need to take it out, you can see the little water droplets on mine because I took it out for a couple of minutes.  It looks a little weird after the droplets form.  I can see why this could be a better winter dessert because of the temperature difference.

Again, this is a very popular recipe people have tried and loved.  Here are some variations and prettier pictures (in some of them you can still see the droplets forming, so it is something you have to aware):


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