The Vegan Table: Creamy Caesar Salad with Oil-Free Croutons

Finally, I am starting to catch up again with the recipes…  This is an autumn salad, but I went to the farmers market and I saw the romaine, so I just did what any sane person would do, get that romaine and make this salad!

The Vegan Table: Creamy Cesar Salad with Oil-Free Croutons

This was a super fast salad to make!  The whole thing took me probably 20 minutes.  Preheat oven, cut croutons, mix, toast.  While that’s going on, put everything in the blender and blend.  Then wash and chop the romaine lettuce.

Since I didn’t put garlic in there, I would recommend people who don’t eat garlic to put something savory in there, or else the caper after-taste will plague your mouth, which could be a good or bad thing depending on whether you like the caper after-taste.  I recommend toona or truffle oil.  I also recommend making it a fun salad, like adding pomegranate seeds, tomatoes, dried cranberry or raisin, roasted walnuts and pine nuts, etc., that will make a color contrast and different texture!  Like having everything dancing in your mouth!

A lot of people have different version of the same salad.  Everyone agrees that it is a very quick meal to make, and very versatile.  Here are some of the different versions:


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2 Responses to The Vegan Table: Creamy Caesar Salad with Oil-Free Croutons

  1. Ema Jones says:

    Have tried Cesar Salad but neva with Creamy way. I’m trying it..

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