The Vegan Table: Cucumber and Cream Cheese Sandwiches

This is an easy recipe except that the Tofutti cream cheese has palm oil.  I shall find an alternative way to substitute for cream cheese next time.

I personally don’t agree with recipes asking people to cut off the edges of the bread.  The edges are perfectly edible and have more flavor than the inner bread.  Some people would suggest giving the edges to the birds, but I think birds don’t need processed food, and since the bread is processed, the energy would have been wasted.  I did not put chives, but dill and mint are enough to make this spread full of flavors!

I have not had real cream cheese for the longest time, and now that I had the Tofutti cream cheese, I remembered that it was quite bland, did not have much flavor to it, and it was a little heavy for me.  I saved the spread for my lunch sandwiches during the week.

My sister used the Tofutti cream cheese for a really good dessert which I will share the recipe in a later post.  We still have to find a replacement for the Tofutti cream cheese to avoid palm oil.

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