Griffith Observatory

I went on a short trip to the Griffith Observatory.  My expectations were low because I thought it was just going to be an observatory with a telescope, but it had a lot more to offer.

Just look at the stunning vista!  And this was taken when there was fog/smog present!

And there are exhibits inside as well!

What is this guy with the green thing next to his mouth doing there? He looks very angry, but he has such a funny countenance!

You will get to almost touch the Moon!  It will be within your grasp!  It is practically in front of you!

I did not take very many pictures inside, but you can meet Einstein’s statue, find out how much you weigh on the Moon, and get to know the Tesla coil intimately!  (The person who was explaining the Tesla coil and has control of the button for it must feel like the most powerful person in the whole Observatory because people literally flock to see it as he presses the magical, yet powerful, button!)


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