Pine Nut Syndrome

Pine mouth” (pine nut syndrome, PNS, dysgeusia) is a condition in which everything tastes bitter in the back of the throat with metallic taste.  I got it again.

Several things that might trigger PNS:

  1. Chemicals used in the shelling process (I WONDER WHAT CHEMICALS YOU NEED TO USE FOR SHELLING!  I naively thought that machines would just crush the shell, but apparently not…)
  2. Chinese white pine nuts, or Pinus armandii, that are rounder and smaller (the pine nuts from Trader Joe’s resemble these!)
    Zonneveld, B.J.M. (2011)
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  3. Other unknown reasons since not all the P. armandii nuts induce PNS, although P. armandii nuts usually induces PNS, other unknown pine species also may be associated with PNS
    Kobler et al. (2011)
    Fardin-Kia et al. (2012)
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I remember eating a lot of pine nuts when I was little and I never got PNS!  And I was living in Taiwan at that time!  So I don’t know if the Chinese white pine nuts are really the culprit.  Maybe pine trees have started to produce something they did not back in the good ol’ days.  Maybe pesticides or fertilizers used in the pine trees?  It seems like the cases started showing up only 3 or 4 years ago.  I started having PNS last year after eating Trader Joe’s raw pine nuts.  Then again when I ate some for the recipe I tried (will post next).

When I put the pine nuts in my soup to be cooked together, I didn’t have the PNS.  So either cooked pine nuts are fine, or the combination of pine nuts and other vegetables can suppress the development of PNS…?  What about roasted pine nuts?  Anyone tried different ways of preparing pine nuts that prevented PNS from developing?


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