Cupcake, Bread, Giant Flowers, Oh, My!

Just some of the things I did over the fall, winter, and spring, respectively.

Golden vanilla cupcake with Soy Whip (which contains nitrous oxide, N2O, not too harmful in small amounts, a laughing gas in large amounts, and a potent greenhouse gas, although the old cans would have CFC, chlorofluorocarbons, an ozone killer).
Giant big plain loaf of bread.  From the Bread of the World.  I don’t remember what it’s called.  I was just wondering if the old yeast I got from my friend works still after its expiration date.  The bread turned out giant big.  So, yeah, the yeast works.  Oh, yeah, see the kumquats there?

SPRING!  It’s the time when our dragon fruit cactus plants start to bloom, and they have really big flowers!  BLOOM!  Like seriously blooooooom!  And they smell really good, too.

About leneatiengo

Vegan, without onion, garlic, leek, coriander/cilantro, hing (asafoetida), scallion, green onion, chives
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