The Hope Blog Relay (And Some More Food)

Christie from Turning Veganese passed on the Hope baton to me two weeks ago.  I have been stalling because I wanted to make the best of it.  Even though the Hope Blog Relay ended on August 13th, I am honored to still be a part of this and keeping the baton alive.  It definitely shows people have a lot of hope, and that makes me happy!

I hope quite often.  Mostly about how we can leave the Earth better than when we arrived.

In the morning, when I walk to the building where I do research, I hope I can pick up every piece of trash I see.  Sometimes my hands are full and I had to leave some behind.  This past weekend (September 15th) was the International Coastal Clean Up Day, and I signed up to volunteer to pick up trash at the Upper Newport Bay trail from 9am-12pm.  I saw so many little kids with their parents helping, that was what makes the world a better place.  It was record-breakingly hot, and people still came out!  That is hope!

I woke up extra early that day, and I made Fast and Fabulous French Toast from The Vegan Table for my sister and my mom.  I had the mixture in the refrigerator prepared from the night before to make it even faster.  I used sourdough bread…  But next time I will try to use a regular stale Italian bread because the sourdough bread that I used had a little too much salt.  The mixture was enough for 8 pieces of regular-sized bread.

I have never tasted French toast before, so I don’t know if this was better than the real French toast.  I can say it was very fun to make and incredibly easy and fast.  I will wait until when I get a less salted bread to make it again and then give it a taste try.

Good reviews for this recipe from people:

Now, the most important moment has come.  I am going to nominate one blogger to pass on the Hope baton.  Here is the blog and my brief reason for choosing it:

Elle’s Vegan Food Diary
Fun, creative, and not afraid to try out new things, Elle shares her experience with vegan cuisine and vegan recipes on her blog.  She also uses fresh ingredients from her own garden.

Thank you, Christie, for this opportunity for me to carry the baton!


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4 Responses to The Hope Blog Relay (And Some More Food)

  1. Kinenchen says:

    Dude… that looks awesome. I’m already happy just thinking about it in my mouth!

  2. elle says:

    Hi! Wow thank you soo much! This makes my day =D
    And that french toast looks amaazing. Thanks for reminding me about it, I’ve gotta make some again. I remember trying it out once in the summer and trust me, you’re not missing anything – the vegan version is way tastier than the ‘real’ thing! (as is the case for most vegan food haha)
    Thanks again, and have an awesome weekend!

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