The Vegan Table: Dipping Sauce & Tempeh Bacon

Today I guess I had a light dinner.  Strange but I enjoyed it.  My friend helped me make dinner, I didn’t really think whatever we were making was going to be the whole dinner, but it did.

Yep.  Weird combination.  It was okay!

For the tempeh bacon, I skipped the liquid smoke and I used agave instead of maple syrup.  They were goooood.

I made the vegan mayonnaise for the dipping sauce and I put the parsley and toona (instead of shallots) in there besides what the recipe from The Vegan Table called for.

We also made the “Mini Coconut Cream Pies” in a big pie crust…  Oops, that was my fault.  I thought it would be okay, but it was runny, so stick with mini pie crusts!  But it was tasty!  Too bad I didn’t read closely enough…

I couldn’t find a lot of people who made the dipping sauce, so here is one that I could find:

For the tempeh bacon though, many people have tried it!  See Colleen demonstrate how to make it!  Some of others’ results and modifications:

Just for fun, here are some coconut cream pies:

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3 Responses to The Vegan Table: Dipping Sauce & Tempeh Bacon

  1. elle says:

    wow, tempeh bacon! very cool! believe it or not, I’ve still not even tried tempeh hahaha. I really want to now though, is it good?

  2. leneatiengo says:

    I really like tempeh! Most of the time I just pan-fry it directly without marinating it, and it goes with soy sauce very well!

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