Think Before You Speak, How I Measure Up To My Mom, & Pride And Prejudice

I did something that I shouldn’t have.  It stands against my principles.

So the story goes…  My friend wanted to share a box of sushi with me.  Excitedly, I said yes, but she wanted one that had vegan sushi and “meat” sushi so we could share.  So we went to see if the school sold that combination.  And no, they didn’t, so I just blurted out, “Let’s go to a sushi bar then.”  This was so out of character for me because I do not want to promote the consumption of fish or anything related to animals.

And then this got snowballed…  Since she’s in California for just a couple of weeks, she actively asked for restaurants that had sushi…  And of course, someone recommended her a place.  Then she invited more people to join us, and without thinking straight again, I, myself, invited some others to join.  Then I realized the gravity of the situation, I was including more and more people to consume meat.

And since the sushi restaurant was a very popular one, we had the option of standing in line or making a reservation, and I made the reservation for them…  Sort of under pressure at that point because I kind of became one of the main organizers…  I just made it easier on them to consume meat…  And at least 8 people went…

This taught me that I should think about what my words are going before saying them.  There is always a cause and effect, because of my innocent remark, it caused 8 people to do something I oppose…  You may say that even if I didn’t say it, this could have happened, too, but the point is I lighted the fuse, it may take someone longer to light the fuse, I lighted it for them, and not only that, I accelerated it, therefore I felt responsible.

Next…  My Mother.  She raised me and my sisters.  And every time I think about how much she sacrificed and how much energy and time she spent on us, I felt like I could never measure up to her.  Maybe that is a good thing, that way I can always know that a human being is capable of more.

Lastly, I was watching Pride and Prejudice (2005) on TV.  I wondered…  Since Mr. Darcy has learned of the things bothering Elizabeth which have resulted in her refusal to marry him, he set out to make things right.  The good thing about it is, he knew what he needed to change, and he changes radically.  The bad thing about this is, did he do it just for a show to capture Elizabeth’s heart?  If he never had heard what Elizabeth had to say, he would just continue to be a judgemental person…  But is the change permanent?  Let’s just hope for the marriage would teach him something with his thoughtful and considerate wife on his side.


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Vegan, without onion, garlic, leek, coriander/cilantro, hing (asafoetida), scallion, green onion, chives
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