Non-Teflon, Non-Stick Light Cookware


I feel like I need to explain why I don’t like Teflon coating and why I am in search of light non-Teflon cookware:

  1. Teflon has often been made with perfluorinated carbon such as PFOA that DO NOT DEGRADE for maybe hundreds (or more) of years under natural conditions.  All of us have a little PFCs in our bodies, particularly polar bears
  2. Research has shown that perfluorinated chemicals were correlated to some health issues such as developmental problems
  3. Teflon also do not degrade over hundreds of years
  4. Synthetic chemicals have been entering our bodies since the Industrial Revolution, and I don’t want to keep adding the chemical burden to my body, the science is not there yet to investigate the synergistic effects of multiple chemicals on human health, let along ecological health
  5. Even the PFOA-substitute, also fluorinated carbons, in Teflon production, though more biodegradable, are still not easily degraded.  And its human health effect has not been determined.



So if you have been following what I have done so far to avoid PFOA (or PFCs), you would know I have a cast iron skillet, quite heavy, but very useful, non-stick after seasoning. And you would know that when they say “non-stick coating” it would mean that it contains PFOA (or PFCs) even if it says it’s titanium non-stick coating.

So now, we went to Costco, and we found this MasterClad, made WITHOUT USING PFOA (OR PFCs)!  This uses only the alloys in its 5-ply cookware, and the wording “non-stick system” is surely distinguishing from “non-stick coating”.  So we got one!  Very light, very easy to clean, very easy to use, AND LITTLE OR NO OIL REQUIRED!  Lifetime warranty!  Stainless steel handle makes it easy to put into the oven up to 500F!

Unfortunately, despite my excitement, after following up on the comment below, I checked again with MasterClad about its use of Teflon, and it does use PTFE.  The company did not see Teflon and PTFE as the same thing.  Do not purchase this if you want to avoid using Teflon.

My previous post about non-teflon cookware:


Update 5/1/2013
I had to update my post about this MasterClad cookware.  Originally I made sure they did not use Teflon in their cookware and was told twice they did not.  I agreed with the “Cast Iron” comment (thanks for correcting and giving us the right information) that the MasterClad cookware DOES have PTFE.  Beware that the company did not know Teflon is PTFE.  I apologize that I have been misinformed and in turn misinformed you.


There was a comment made by a reader from MasterClad, but I needed to block out some information, but here it is, if you find it useful (Wed 1/28/15 10:32 PM):


Update 5/1/2015
The Madrid Statement was published today on Environmental Health Perspectives.  The statement contains concerns from scientists for the use of PFASs (formerly known as PFCs) in cookware and other uses.  I think this is a very important step and important statement for those of you who are on the fence about using non-stick cookware.  Read the Madrid Statement before buying!  Reduce your consumption and use of PFASs!


Updated 1/20/2016
A friend shared this story to me, published in the New Yorker Times Magazine (“The Lawyer Who Became DuPont’s Worst Nightmare“, Jan. 6th, 2016).  The story outlined how DuPont has been covering the adverse health effects for years, also how DuPont has disposed of such chemicals improperly.  Included is a story about a lawyer, a simple cattle farmer, and a big law firm.

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22 Responses to Non-Teflon, Non-Stick Light Cookware

  1. Casey says:

    How did you determine that they do not use any PFCs (or PTFE I presume)? We are debating on whether to get this cookware, but can not find a lot of information regarding the non-stick system or the safety of these pans. Thanks!

    • leneatiengo says:

      Good question! Besides the sales rep saying that it didn’t contain PFCs (yes, PTFE is a type of PFCs), the boxes said no PFCs used. Their technology is actually using a silicone based material and other metals. I made very sure before buying their product because I did not want to have anything to do with PFCs. I hope this helps.

  2. James Anderson says:

    OMG! I bought it a few months ago at Costco and love it!!! This takes all my worries away from buying nonstick cookware. I was hesitant at first. but after doing 5 hours of research I went back to Costco and purchased the 11 piece set for $599!!! AMAZING DEAL! I couldn’t have made a better decision!

  3. Cast Iron says:

    Their non-stick coating IS 3 layers of PTFE, reinforced with titanium and ceramic particles (makes it adhere better and resist damage from metal utensils). I confirmed this with both MasterClad, Inc. and their contract manufacturer, Regal Ware, Inc. “Teflon” is DuPont’s trademark for PTFE. They use PTFE from a different manufacturer (Whitford Corporation), so it’s technically not “Teflon”, but is the exact same substance that people are concerned about. When overheated, it releases toxic fumes that are deadly to birds and can cause serious, prolonged, health issues in humans.

    • leneatiengo says:

      I just had a kind of weird conversation with the MasterClad VP. It was weird because he seemed very defensive and hostile.

      The sales rep from the Costco I bought the cookware from told us that it was a silicone-based material and that it contains titanium and ceramic. I remember calling them about it awhile back and they assured me that it did not have Teflon.

      I called MasterClad again today. The VP told me that it is NOT silicone-based (he said if anyone said that he will fire that person), and that it has no PFOA. When asked about their non-stick coating, he kept emphasizing that they used Ti and ceramic molecules and it is NSF-certified, non-toxic, and green (Pro-Series Plus Ti-3). However, when asked if they used Teflon in their cookware, he answered no (again emphasized Ti and ceramic molecules).

      So feeling like I tried everything, I asked if the cookware contained plastic, and the VP answered that it has PTFE and PFOA cannot be used to make PTFE in the US, and that PFOA will be banned from being used to make PTFE in the world in 2 years (actually it will not be banned, PFOA will only be “phased out” from production, meaning anyone who still has it can use it until the last drop of PFOA is gone, EPA has a voluntary program to reduce PFOA and PFOS production by 2015, but it is purely voluntary).

  4. TTK says:

    so the bottomline is NOT TO USE/BUY anything that is manufactured using non-coating layer(s). Only natural and safest way is to use the cast iron utensils, the old fashion way and season it!!

  5. Confused says:

    Doing a search on MasterClad I found this page. The top of the MasterClad site says: “Made Without PFOA”. It was mentioned above the coating they use is form Whitford Corporation – any idea which one? They make over a dozen different coatings. The “best” one appears to be Eterna and they state “The product’s special blend of fluoropolymers is made without PFOA.”

    I’m just trying to get to the bottom of this before I shell out money for new cookware. What got me researching ceramic based coatings is the “green” pans I see on infomercials. That research led me to MasterClad.

    • leneatiengo says:

      Sorry for the long absence. MasterClad pans are made without PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid), however, there are a number of perfluorocarbons (PFCs) existing in the market. PFOA is one of the most non-degradable fluorocarbons (therefore probably will not disappear from Earth for a couple hundred years). From what I gathered, they are that they use PTFE, which is also known as Teflon and another fluorocarbon, although the company admitted that they are using PTFE, the company said they don’t use Teflon (the company does not know that PTFE is also called Teflon).

      So if you are looking for something that does not have PFOA, MasterClad does not contain PFOA. However, if you are looking for something that does not contain Teflon, then MasterClad DOES have Teflon.

  6. I care about my health says:

    If anyone looks up PTFE in Wikipedia,
    It clearly states that PTFE is the chemical name for the brand name “Teflon” by Du Pont. Here is a link to the PTFE handbook.
    Of course MasterClad can not say they use “Teflon”, they would have to pay Du Pont if they do that.

    The information on MasterClad’s website is very light and they don’t mention anything about PTFE. Can you please share how we can obtain this information from MasterClad?

    • leneatiengo says:

      I agree, and as I mentioned, MasterClad did not recognize that PTFE is Teflon, so if a customer asks if PTFE is used in the product vs. if Teflon is used in the product, the customer will get 2 different answers.

      I had to call to get the information, and even though the sales representative at Costco may not know that there is PTFE, when I called MasterCard the VP told me there is PTFE. So you may want to call them to get the information.

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  8. Jason Depangher says:

    People, can we please do research before posting in accurate information? I work for DuPont. PFTE is different then PFOA. PFOA is the chemical that was linked to cancer and killing the birds. PFTE is inert, and has been put in the Human Body for years. Here’s a great link explaining the differences:

    As a nutrition specialist, I try to keep the record straight as much as possible. I’ve owned a set of this cookware for 3 years, and have had 0 issues with them. Yes, they are cheap when they are in Costco, especially for what you get. If you read the warranty card that comes with the cookware, it tells you if the stance on PFTE or Ti is changed, they will replace the pan for you free of charge. Regalware has been around for hundreds of years – they are not going to put out crap, they don’t need to.

    • leneatiengo says:

      I agree that Teflon (PTFE) and PFOA are different things, as I have posted earlier (see earlier reply to a comment) and mentioned before on 9/23/2011 ( when I inquired about Ameriware’s products, and they said their products have no residual PFOA after the products are finished. If there is any confusion about this, I can only blame on my laziness in clarifying each time when I post new things and resorting to only posting links of earlier posts.

      My problem with the cookware came a couple months after purchasing. We never scratched the coating and took care of it according to the instructions but the coating started to peel off. A thorough check of the warranty card and the box and the info card did not reveal anything regarding its use of Teflon, only that it will replace the cookware.

      It has been a long journey to find a light non-stick cookware that does not use Teflon, and this blog documents what I find along the way.

    • Cast Iron says:

      “People, can we please do research before posting in accurate (sic) information? PFTE is different then (sic) PFOA. PFOA is the chemical that was linked to cancer and killing the birds.”

      Sorry, this is incorrect. While PFOA exposure has indeed been linked to cancers and other serious health problems in humans and livestock, it is heated PTFE (aka “Teflon”) itself that is responsible for emitting fumes that kill birds and sicken humans:

  9. Tommy Sanford says:

    I have the full mastercraft set ($780). Only the large pots remain non stick. The frying pans, the pancake pan all are no longer non stick. This change did take place slowly, over 2 years or so, but the more we use them the less perfect the coating.

    YES, it is better than those pots coated with stuff you have to use plastic spoons with… But in Costco the salesperson never mentioned “lifetime guarantee”, just said “I will replace any pot that has not been abused by overheating with a new pot” and we can’t find that salesman any more! I noticed that road show has not returned to Costco either, I wonder if it is because so many crappy pots are out there that they could never make another sale. For sure Costco knew long before we did because they only offered a 1 year return policy, unlike their regular “any reason, any time” return policy.

    No money back guarantee on the Regal Ware website either… ripped again, ho hum.

    • Sara fields says:

      They are currently doing road shows right now. Just bought a new set. Trying to research it but not much information about it.

  10. susie says:

    I’ve had a set for about 5 years now and love it. NOTHING sticks. but I had to pull my copper pan out of storage to make a caramel because it will not let anything get hot enough to burn–which is necessary for a caramel. other than that I love them and i think everyone should read the post that the scientist posted about explaining that your fear of PFTE is like being afraid of the packaging the cigarettes came in versus the cigarettes (PFOA). Get a grip.

    • leneatiengo says:

      I think that no one is really afraid of PFTE. My concern with PFTE is mainly that it is not biodegradable. I believe it is a choice between a more ecological product and a product that may add chemical burden to one’s body that bioaccumulates quite readily.

  11. Psych Amok says:

    the older package couple years sold at costco mentioned PTFE. The new one today sold at costco did not mention it has PTFE. Besides PFOA, PTFE is also very poisonous. it started to disintegrate >@280deg F. They can replace any burn damage for lifetime, but I’m not gambling my family health with thier poisonous PTFE which they “forgot” to print on the package and all their salesrep never heard of PTFE. yeah right

  12. Richard Koontz says:

    I loved cooking with these pans and also wrote a glowing review after my initial purchase in March 2013, which I later edited with more positive remarks.. I.also later purchased a second 12″ fry pan thus increasing my investment. Now in October 2016 the non stick layer is peeling like paper from the side of my 3 quart sauce pan (from top down) and my medium sized frying pan is no longer non stick. Even with ample oil in the pan everything sticks…..btw we never used metal utensils and always hand washed. The pans have always been used over natural gas flame and never overheated.

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