ECMC Calling

ECMC called my house every weekend, and according to Mom, everyday.  From this number (916)526-6400.

What do they want?  My dad on the phone.  And when I asked why, or how they got the number, they answered it’s about a school matter and that my dad gave the number to them.  And I said I can’t help them if they can’t tell me more.

Today, “Bxxx” called.  After the call, I did a little research.  School matter is just a cover-up.  They are a loan/debt-collecting company.  So they won’t tell me how they got our number from.

Numerous complaints have been posted online about their services and calls:

So this was what I did.  I called them the first time to tell them to stop calling the number because I know we don’t have an account with them.  Weird thing was, it was the same guy, “Bxxx”.  He was trying to be professional and asking for my social security number, HA!

Second time I called, it was still the same guy, “Bxxx” (professional still, but now with a little frustration in his voice). I asked to speak to the guy’s manager.  He asked who I was, I told him this is [phone number], and I asked why would he want my name?  He said he needs it just like when someone calls my house and I want to know who is calling.  And I said, yes, just like when someone calls my house and I want to know how that person got my phone number.  Then he said he could not pull up an account with that number and I said, right, and you are a collecting service and it is not about a school matter, and we don’t have an account with you, so stop calling.  And he said (raising his voice now) that if we want someone to stop calling, all we have to do is…  And I said good-bye and hung up on him mid-sentence.

Okay, I was being rude.  He is probably just working for the company and everything is his protocol.  I didn’t want to make him angry, I just wanted to speak to his manager, but since he wouldn’t give me his manager…  I went all out.  It makes me feel badly that I did it.  Sorry, “Bxxx”.  You were just doing your job.  It is the company that’s greedy.  I am sorry, “Bxxx”.

Next time, I will say my name is whatever his name is, and asked for the manager.

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