Pro-Choice Or Pro-Life

I had an interesting talk with my labmates this morning.

One of the said that it is people’s choice.  The other one said abortion is wrong, and we can stop people from having abortion.  The example he used was if someone wants to kills my neighbor, I would definitely call the cops if I know.

But this is different in my mind.  If I know someone is going to kill my neighbor, I have several options, talking that someone out of killing, informing my neighbor about the event that may take place, and if there’s nothing I can do about it, I would call the cops, yeah.

What I don’t agree with him in this was that I think abortion and education are different.  Education is where you explain to people what is right and what is wrong and people have the choice to accept it or not.  Then people have a choice to make, getting pregnant or not.  Then they have a choice to make again if they want to get an abortion or not.  So in this case, anything you do before you kill your neighbor is “education”.  And if the event has taken place, then the killer who is fully aware of the choice he made, due to the “education”, has to suffer the consequences of the law.  Calling the cops is like telling the authority aftermath that the abortion has taken place if abortion is illegal.  But I think people are fully conscious whether abortion is against the law before the abortion happens, so that they are aware if they are making a “wrong” choice and they have to suffer the consequences of it.

So my point is you can do everything you can to stop people from making the wrong choice, but you cannot stop them from making choices on their own.  Even having a law against abortion or having cops watching you every minute of the day will not stop it from happening (look at cocaine sales and uses and murders happening everyday).  To be clear, I think abortion of any kind is killing a life.  Thus, educating people in this case I think is the most powerful thing you can do.

Some abortion statistics and an interesting story about a sick woman who was going to die with the baby if she didn’t have an abortion.


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