The Vegan Table: Sweet and Spicy Pumpkin Soup

I wanted to finish off the autumn recipes for now.  And I thought Thanksgiving is just the perfect time to finish the autumn recipes, since I have a little time on my hands and a little more people to share them with.

For the base of the soup, I had some leftover fennel from this, and I cooked up a good stock from this recipe, also from The Vegan Table.  The stock had fennel, toona (24 whole leaves), celery, carrots, thyme, dried parsley, and bay leaves.  I did not put oil or salt in there because I think it is not good to compost the vegetables if salt or oil is added.  I mean, you could always put them in there afterwards.

For the recipe, we already had kabocha squash at our house so I used it as the “pumpkin”.  It was supposed to be sweeter, but not so much the pumpkin taste.  Other things I did differently were…  Again I used toona to substitute the onion and garlic (13 large leaves chopped), I didn’t add oil, I put 3 kumquats in there instead of juice of one lemon, agave instead of maple syrup.  I used soy milk and half a tablespoon of salt.  I didn’t blend it at the end.

But anyhoo, it came out still lacking the sweet taste I was seeking, so I added more agave, and I ended up with double of the amount of maple syrup that was called for, and it was good for me.  It came out not as orange as I would like it to be, and I put the whole kabocha in there, I mean with the skin, so a little green, too.  It tasted all right, but I guess it was too much of substituting so I still don’t know what the real soup would taste like.

Some other people’s results are here, it seems like a popular recipe:

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