The Survival Of Libraries

Libraries now are increasingly pushing for digital contents, such as Kindle books.  We are also pushing for digital books, magazines, and newspapers.  That is why libraries are having such a hard time.

We not only demand better collections, better services, we demand less fines, or no fine at all.

Then how do libraries survive?

Some of the libraries are cutting hours, closing branches, some others are cutting personnel, reducing staff.  But that is not enough, that is not going to sustain the libraries to the future, for our kids and our grandkids.

So public libraries are probably going to ask for more funding from the cities, regions, states, and if that is so, we have to be willing to pay for the services.  This means we have to agree to higher local and state taxes, but it probably would just be a couple cents higher.

But what if in the future all the books are digital?  Do we really need local libraries?  The answer is, YES, we will still need our libraries.

Why?  We study there, it provides space and a quiet environment for reading.  It also provides kids the chance to experience different genres.

So what will become of the libraries we know and love so much?  I don’t know, but I sure hope they will persist into the future and not follow the footsteps of the mega bookstores.

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