The Vegan Table: Red Velvet Cake With Buttercream Frosting

Okay, so it is not exactly “red velvet” as it is more like…  Beet-sugar.  I am continuing with my fall (although these ingredients are found year-round) recipes from “The Vegan Table”.

I made some changes to the original recipe.  I don’t like artificial coloring, so I switched it to “beet sugar” which has a dark red color (my sister sent it to me from Germany, I just cannot resist using it!).  I also used half avocado oil and half grape seed oil to replace the canola oil.  I also used whole-wheat flour, and it turned out fine.  Oh, and the most important thing was I ran out of cocoa powder so…  But look at how dark it is without chocolate!  Thanks to the sugar beet syrup and the darker granular sugar I used.

Then I figured that I had only a little soy milk left, so I added a little less than 1/4 cup of soy milk to my buttercream, and instead of vegan butter, I used coconut oil, which gives it a more flavor.  I also substitute the vanilla with almond extract, smells good!

One thing that I did not like was…  Because I added more soy milk than I needed, my buttercream was more…  Liquidy than I wanted it, so, it was fine if I wanted a gravy-saucey-icing look, but I guess it would not really be a buttercream frosting cake.

It turned out well.  The discoloration that happened to this blogger didn’t happen to me, but again, I am using different coloring and ingredients.

I got the almond extract idea from this blogger:

More recipe variations & results from others:


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