West Side Story

I went to see West Side Story, the musical, today at the Orange County Performing Arts Center, I mean, last night, since it has passed 12am as I am writing this.

I have seen the movie.  I have seen some of the reviews about the revival of this musical.  And I must say the movie was a little dull for me.  And the review of the revival was not great either.

The movie had a lot of…  Things that I didn’t care about.  So it was a little dull for me.

The musical, I thought, must be a little different or somewhat different from the movie.  Well, a little different is true.  It was not that different.  Act I was dull.  It had Maria and Tony singing about how they love each other, but the story didn’t really go really far.  Nothing was really actually happening.  I was expecting a more stage magic feeling, but things were not so different from the movie. Act I was focused on choreography, but the story was okay.  “Cool” was very good, as usual.

Act II, however, was really about the story.  Things finally got to a faster pace.  I must admit that I almost cried when Tony saw Maria and they were going to embrace each other, but Chino abruptly shot Tony, and Tony fell.  That gunshot was a powerful one.

I do have one complain about the musical.  The first scene, a Puerto Rican guy tripped one of the Jets.  Later, the Puerto Rican guys didn’t want to be Americans and appear very macho (in contrast to how Tony treats Maria) to their girlfriend.  Then, it seems like Maria’s brother had control of her.  To me, this is not the best protrayal of Puerto Rican guys, it painted somewhat darker pictures of one side than Romeo and Juliette did.  Kind of stereotypical, too.  Although, the Jets did sexually harrass Anita and made fun of the judicial system.

My favorite parts are:
“Tonight Quintet”
“I feel Pretty”


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