Non-Stick, Non-Teflon Cookware

So I was searching for a non-stick, non-teflon cookware.

I stumbled upon this site:

It offers 3-layered coating and 2-layered coating for both cookware and bakeware.  While the bakeware is not made of teflon, the cookware coating is.

And I was reading about what titanium has to do with this non-stick business.  And I found out that pretty much it doesn’t contribute to the non-stick property because it only provides the hardness, so it makes the cookware metal-utensil safe.  So when you see “titanium” cookware coating, it doesn’t mean that it is teflon-free.

Which makes me wonder what Ameriware is made of.  It is advertised as titanium and ceramic coating.  I bet they won’t tell me if I asked, but I will ask anyway.  But the 3-layer coating is quite similar to what I saw on the website above.

My conclusion is that cast iron, naturally non-stick after seasoning, is my choice.


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