Miscellaneous: Superman, Iron Man, and Poppy Seeds

First off, Superman. Don’t people know that Superman is hazardous to your health?  He uses X-ray vision to see through things, and you know when X-ray is used in the room, you should not be in the same room.  Another fact that Superman has proven to us…  Life not only exists outside of our planet, it comes to our planet and reproduce!  So basically, it proves that life did not start on Earth, something came to Earth (simple organisms) and then evolved.

So what about Iron Man?  Well, we all know that Superman has red, white, and blue, and he represents U.S.A. in fighting crimes and things, he judges what is good and bad.  Iron Man on the other hand is trying to somehow repent or correct what he had done in the past, fighting his own empire and its after effects.  Say, isn’t it a little odd that it kind of coincided with President Obama finally pulling the troops out of Afghanistan (correct mistakes and the after effects).  Hm…  Media do really prepare the public mentally.

Okay, poppy seeds.  They are from the same kind of plant that you would get illegal drug out of.  However, according to this site, http://www.poppies.org/faq/legal-issues/are-papaver-somniferum-seeds-legal-where-can-i-get-some/, it is okay.  Why?  Well, normal plants don’t produce a high concentration of the drug anyway.  However, isn’t it very easy to selectively breed the plants to do the same thing?  But poppy seeds are so good…


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Vegan, without onion, garlic, leek, coriander/cilantro, hing (asafoetida), scallion, green onion, chives
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