overwhelmingly… sad

whats this familiar sensation i get?  oh yeah, it is called sadness.  :]
what is sadness and what can you do with it?  :]
it is a sensation you get when you are very not happy.  i dont know about you, but i use it everyday.  :]
i dont wanna be mean and i just want everyone to be happy, therefore im going to distant myself away from the people i know so well so i can be sad in my corner of…  triste.  :]
i guess this will pass someday, but i just have to get over it i guess, "loitering" as sotheary calls it, and little does she know sometimes i just sit on campus somewhere and look at the sky and getting over the sadness i have…  :]
sometimes i dont even bring my phone with me so i can be sad alone.  i dont like cellphone anyhoo.  :]
crappy entry isnt it?  yeah…  i hope this entry does not bring anyone down…  how i dont like myself…  i say i want everyone to be happy but im writing this entry?  cool, ill just have to delete it after i get over my (guess what again?) sadness.  :]
i added smiley faces at the end to counter balance my oh so much sadness, so hopefully no one gets sad, too.  :]

About leneatiengo

Vegan, without onion, garlic, leek, coriander/cilantro, hing (asafoetida), scallion, green onion, chives
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2 Responses to overwhelmingly… sad

  1. bai says:

    y r u unhappy?

  2. Lenea says:

    stuff bothering me…  ill get over it…  sigh…

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